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There is 1 application deadline per year, 15 September (for a decision by mid-December). As part of the application procedure, you will be asked to upload the following:

*These documents MUST be uploaded at least before you can submit your application (1) your research plan (2) your Curriculum Vitae (3) your Doctoral/Degree or highest qualification/certificate (4) Passport-sized photograph

Your application will be complete on receipt of the 2 reference letters AND the host confirmation letter. You can upload these documents yourself until 30 September OR they can be emailed or posted directly to us at and we will upload them to your application.

If you already submitted your application and are uploading documents at a later date, please click again on the SUBMIT APPLICATION button and we will be informed that a document has been added to your application.

After 30 September, the uploading facility will be closed for applicants so please email any other documents which still need to be uploaded, directly to our office and we will upload it for you.

Because the form has been designed for applicants from the commercial, governmental and academic worlds, parts of the form may be more or less relevant. Applicants will also understand that for a proper appreciation of candidates, the information needs to be particularly comprehensive.

Please note that successful applications may not receive the full amount that they request.

All applicants will be notified of the decision by email.

Candidates should be aware that it is not the Foundation's policy to award Fellowships to those who are already in possession of a concurrent research grant aid from another Foundation authority.

Candidates are specially invited to note that no correspondence is entered into by the Canon Foundation in regard to decisions taken on any individual application and no negative inference should be inferred.

For any questions concerning completing the application, please email the Canon Foundation at