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To commemorate our 20th anniversary, the Canon Foundation Invited Lecture was established in 2007. The lecturer is an outstanding person in academia, government or professional organisation and will be invited to deliver a lecture on a theme which is topical and of relevance to the international community. The lecturer will be nominated by the Executive Committee members of the Canon Foundation in Europe. Previous Canon Foundation Invited Lectures were held in Brussels, Berlin, Madrid and Cambridge.

The last Canon Foundation Invited Lecture was held in 2012 which also coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Canon Foundation in Europe. The event was a memorable in one of the most iconic buildings in The Hague - the Peace Palace, the Netherlands as backdrop. Home to the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Peace Palace Library and The Hague Academy of International Law, we were privileged to be able to hold our lecture in such a prestigious institution. This was the 4th lecture in the series with previous lectures being given in Cambridge, Madrid and Berlin. Held last November, guest speaker, His Excellency Professor Hisashi Owada, Judge and former President of the International Court of Justice spoke on


The event also had a festive element to it as guests were asked to raise their glasses to toast the Foundation’s 25th anniversary of granting Fellowships in Europe and Japan.

Our grateful thanks go to the Carnegie Foundation, owner of the property who granted us the privilege to host the event at the heart of International Law.

Following the lecture, all attendants were invited to a Reception which was held in the Academy foyer.

> For a transcript of the lecture, please click here (PDF)

Peace Palace

Reception Invited Lecture

Prof. Willem van Gulik introducing Judge Owada

Invited Lecture

Judge Owada giving the Invited Lecture

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